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The Latest MotoCalc 8 Data

To update your copy of MotoCalc 8 with the latest data, just click the Update button in each of MotoCalc's database browsers (accessed via the Open button in each pane of the main MotoCalc window). Or, you can update all the data at once by selecting Update All... from MotoCalc's Update menu.

Click on any of the links below if you simply wish to view the data on-line instead of updating your copy of MotoCalc:

What's New?

Here's a summary of data that has been added recently. We're always collecting new data, so watch this spot for additions! If you're aware of, or have measured, any data that we don't have, please use MotoCalc 8's data contribution facility to add it to the user-contributed data page.

January 2015

  • Suppo outrunner motors (30 new motors).
  • Suppo high current speed controls (6 new ESCs).

March 2014

  • Hacker motors (7 new and 115 revised motors).
  • Hacker speed controls (16 new ESCs) and LiPo cells (27 new cell types).
  • Mega motors (68 new and 8 revised).

February 2014

  • Turnigy inrunners and outrunners (174 new motors).
  • Hacker inrunners and outrunners (85 new and 12 revised motors).
  • Scorpion inrunners and outrunners (93 new and 2 revised motors).
  • FSD inrunners and outrunners (262 new motors).
  • Dualsky outrunners (86 new motors) and speed controls (17 new ESCs).


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