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Downloading and Installing MotoCalc 8

Click here to download MotoCalc 8.09 (1.8Mb)

MotoCalc 8 for Windows® 10, 8, 7, Vista, or XP is distributed as a self-extracting installer called Install_MotoCalc_8.exe.

To install MotoCalc 8, click the Start button on the Windows task bar, and select Run. Type the full directory and filename of the Install_MotoCalc_8.exe file (this will depend on where you downloaded it to; for example, "C:\TEMP\Install_MotoCalc_8.exe"). Press Enter or click OK to begin the installation.

Alternatively, if you've downloaded the installer to your desktop, just double click the Install_MotoCalc_8 icon to begin the installation.

To run MotoCalc once you've installed it, double-click the MotoCalc 8 icon on your desktop or in the Quick Launch bar, or click the Start button, select Programs, and then choose MotoCalc 8 from the MotoCalc program group (or whichever program group you selected during the installation).


MotoCalc is available for a free 30-day evaluation. For 30 days from the time that you first run MotoCalc, you will have access to the full product. No features are missing. However, each time you start MotoCalc, you will be reminded to register. The cost to register is $39, payable by VISA, MasterCard, cheque (drawn on a North American bank), or international money order. (Canadian customers will be charged applicable taxes.)

For more information, please see the Registration section of the on-line manual.

Ordering MotoCalc on Disk

If you would prefer to buy MotoCalc on CD instead of downloading it, please see our On-line Order Form page.

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