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A MotoCalc Tutorial

Although the manual describes every feature of MotoCalc in great detail, it is primarily intended as a reference. To help you get started with MotoCalc, we've written a tutorial that takes you step by step through the process of selecting, understanding, and fine tuning a power system using MotoCalc. The tutorial is available in two formats: Web Page and Adobe® Reader®.

MotoCalc Tutorial - Web Page

The web page (HTML) version of the tutorial is best suited for browsing on-line with your web browser. It may or may not be suitable for printing, depending on your browser.

Browse the tutorial on-line

MotoCalc Tutorial - Adobe® Reader®

The Adobe® Reader® (PDF) version of the tutorial is suitable both for reading on-screen and for printing. It is about 29 pages when printed.

Download a printable tutorial (1.6Mb)

This version requires Adobe® Reader®, available here.

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