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The MotoCalc Manual

The manual covers every feature of MotoCalc in detail and is an excellent reference. It is available in three formats: Web Page, Adobe® Reader®, and Microsoft® Windows® Help.

In addition to the comprehensive manual, there is also a tutorial which takes you step by step through the use of MotoCalc.

MotoCalc Manual - Web Page

The web page (HTML) version of the manual is best suited for browsing on-line with your web browser. It may or may not be suitable for printing, depending on your browser.

Browse the manual on-line

MotoCalc Manual - Adobe® Reader®

The Adobe® Reader® (PDF) version of the manual is suitable both for reading on-screen and for printing. It is about 112 pages when printed.

Download a printable manual (0.8Mb)

This version requires Adobe® Reader®, available here.

The Windows® Help version of the manual is used by MotoCalc's built-in on-line help and can be accessed from within MotoCalc by selecting Help Topics from MotoCalc's Help menu. This is automatically installed when you install MotoCalc from a download or from the CD.

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