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What People Are Saying About MotoCalc

Read J. David Johnson's review of MotoCalc 8 and Steve Horney's review of MotoCalc 5 in the E-Zone on-line electric flight magazine.

Here are some of the comments we've received from our many satisfied users:

I'm flying FPV (first person view - camera planes) now and have the benefit of on screen and recorded telemetry. At a contest yesterday, Motocalc predicted max amps and rate of climb on my current plane almost exactly! Thank you... My enthusiam for your work never seems to wear off. Motocalc is as essential to me as a bottle of CA or a razor knife.

I gamble in Atlantic City or Vegas, not at the flying field. That's why I use MotoCalc.

I am a registered customer and would just like to say that Motocalc is wonderful. Every model that I have simulated so far, has performed very close to the simulation. A wonderful tool!

I would like to say, how very useful we find Motocalc to be; thank you for taking the trouble to produce such a brilliant piece of software!!

Thanks again for the great service! Great product and support! What more can one want?!

I would like to say that this is some of the BEST software I have EVER SEEN. I would recommend it to anyone, and the customer service is GREAT.

I've been flying electric RC exclusively since I got my first copy of MotoCalc ver 6.0. MotoCalc makes building electric airplanes and converting glow models to electric a successful, interesting and fun experience.

MotoCalc is my single most important electric flight tool. Thank you for the excellent program!!

Once again you have saved me, thanks for the great software. I just completed my own design electric sailplane that is a testament to the numbers that MotoCalc generates, it climbs and glides just as you predicted.

MotoCalc is one FANTASTIC program. I've put together about six planes so far and all of them have been winners. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Thank you for making such a useful piece of software.... I recently downloaded the trial version of MotoCalc 7.08 and already find it indispensable.

What a great program this is. Thanks for making it and thanks for keeping the updates coming too.

I like the program very much and feel that you go way beyond most software companies in customer service.

I don't know what I would do without MotoCalc. I know I spent a LOT of money on poor performing setups before I found out about MotoCalc. Thank you for the superb support.

MotoCalc ... one of my all time top programs!

This program has been very easy to use and useful. Your quality is excellent.

Fantastic program - couldn't live without it!

Love it, Love it, Love it, Love it, Love it, Love it, Love it, Love it, Love it, Love it, Love it, Love it, Love it, Love it, Love it, Love it !!!

The wiring wizard is a programming tour-de-force.

Am finding Motocalc a very useful program in helping me power my model aircraft.

I have been using Motocalc for almost three years and find it invaluable ... I have just re-motored one of my models with a brushless motor based upon information from Motocalc and it flew just as predicted much to my delight.

...thanks for the quick service. MotoCalc is a wonderful program. No more paging through design tables, manufacturer's equipment specs, airfoil data pages, etc. while furiously punching a calculator. A superb job by your program creators and I look forward to much more e-aircraft design fun.

You have without any doubt the BEST projection program for electric flight available to the hobbyist (apologies to NASA engineers).

I can't tell you how often I run Motocalc, it's a great tool to have.

I really love the MotoWizard.

10/10 and a gold star...

The wizards make it so much easier to understand, especially for a non-techie...

I tried your MotoCalc and I think it's a great tool.

...a really great program and a keeper!

Thanks for the registration code, its a great product.

...a great product for e-flyers.

Have you had a chance to download Motocalc? ... a very, very good product. The earlier versions were very good but 3 really pulls in a whole lot more stuff but keeps it simple to use.

I spent about 1.5 hours this weekend testing out different setups. Its quite an amazing application.

It is exactly what I wished to have, but never found time to implement on my own. The extensibility and scalability of the software is astonishing.

I find the user interface very friendly and very easily learned. It's well thought out and is way ahead of the other programs I've tried.... What really amazes me is the accuracy of the program. I've run the numbers for all seven planes I'm flying, and everything (including the good old astro 40) computes either right on or within an amp or two of actual figures.

I am very pleased with your product. I am an experienced flyer with 4 cycle engines. My first electric glider was a Graupner CHIP, and I needed many trials to find a nice motor+airscrew. Your program produces a very fast answer. I shall show it to my friends.

I like it so much that I went ahead and registered it and paid the $35 bucks even after I had bought XXX.

The trial period was invaluable as I was able to get a good feel for electrics before commiting to real building... keep improving MotoCalc I love it!

By the way, I really love the program. I find it very easy to use.

OH Yes! Congratulation from an ex-programmer and systems designer on an excellent job on this program.

...What I am trying to tell is that electric flying is fantastic, and MotoCalc is helping to make it better.

I must say your software is somewhat addicting!

I find your program very helpful in trying to determine a proper aircraft setup.

This prog is brilliant!

I fly amongst other things Electroslot... 3 slots... No recharge... 2 Mins motor run with 12 Mins slot time. I know this model inside out and so I put into MotoCalc all its details. The predictions were spot on. But then using "What if", I found I could improve quite a lot... I am now over 10% better than I was.

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