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How to Order MotoCalc

Ordering MotoCalc is easy! You can ...

The price is $39 USD, payable by PayPal, VISA, or MasterCard. If you purchase MotoCalc on CD, there is an additional $10 shipping and handling charge.

Downloading and Registering On-line

Step 1.      Download and install the free full-featured 30-day evaluation. Try it out and see if you like it.
Step 2.      After you've decided you want to keep MotoCalc, click the Order a Key or Disk button in MotoCalc's registration reminder window, fill out the on-line order form, and click the Submit Order button to send your order to our secure order processing system.
Step 3.      Your order will be processed promptly, and you will receive a registration key by e-mail (and the CD version by regular mail if requested). Just enter the key into the registration key field in the registration reminder window, click the Register from the Key button, and you're done.

Important: If you are using a spam filter, please make sure that it does not block messages from either or, or you may not receive your key.

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