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Upgrading to MotoCalc 8.08 from an Earlier Version

If you already have a version of MotoCalc on your computer, follow the instructions below for upgrading. This upgrade is free for all registered users who wish to download it. Alternatively, you can order the upgrade on disk for $10 US to cover the disk, shipping, and handling (or $10 Cdn for Canadian customers).

If you already have MotoCalc 8.08 and just wish to download the newest data (motors, cells, etc.), select Update All... from MotoCalc's Update menu. You can preview the data by going to our data page.

Upgrading from MotoCalc 8.00, 8.01, 8.02, 8.03, 8.04, 8.05, 8.06, or 8.07 to 8.08

To upgrade from version 8.00, 8.01, 8.02, 8.03, 8.04, 8.05, 8.06, or 8.07 to version 8.08, download and run the self-extracting installer Install_MotoCalc_8.exe.

When the installer gets to the Select Destination Location page, be sure to specify the same folder in which you installed MotoCalc 8 originally. If you installed MotoCalc 8 in the default location originally, the installer will already be displaying the correct location.

Note: This is the same installer used to do a full installation, but if you install it on a computer that already has a version of MotoCalc 8, it will perform an update and will not remove any data you may have added to MotoCalc's database.

Warning: The above procedure is only for upgrading from version 8.00, 8.01, 8.02, 8.03, 8.04, 8.05, 8.06, or 8.07. If you have MotoCalc 7, follow the instructions below. If you have an older version of MotoCalc or don't have MotoCalc at all, you will need to perform a full installation.

Please look here for a list of changes made between versions 8.00, 8.01, 8.02, 8.03, 8.04, 8.05, 8.06, 8.07 and 8.08 to determine if you actually want or need the upgrade.

Upgrading from MotoCalc 7 to 8.08

If you originally installed MotoCalc 7 in the suggested location, download MotoCalc 8 and install it in the directory suggested by the installer.

If you originally installed MotoCalc 7 in a directory other than the installer-suggested location, make sure the directory path it is installed in ends with MotoCalc7 (rename it if necessary), and then download and install MotoCalc 8 in a corresponding directory "next to" the MotoCalc 7 directory. For example, if MotoCalc 7 is installed in C:\Program Files\MotoCalc7, then install MotoCalc 8 into C:\Program Files\MotoCalc8.

The first time you run MotoCalc 8, it will detect MotoCalc 7, and import any data that appears in MotoCalc 7's database that doesn't appear in MotoCalc 8's database (i.e. any motors, speed controls, etc. that you added yourself).

Warning: The update facility will only copy a component from the old MotoCalc database to the new one if the component exists in the old one, and not in the new one (for example, if you've added a motor in MotoCalc 7, that motor will be copied to MotoCalc 8). The update utility will not copy changes you've made to existing components (for example, if you've filled in the weight for a motor whose weight was not supplied). You will need to transfer such changes manually.

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